Let Me Strip You in the Rain PART TWO

Your fingers slowly massaging and milking my breasts made me gasp and grab onto your strong forearms as I felt the rush of my milk letting down. I felt your cock head teasing in and out of my deep belly button as I sucked and lightly bit your neck. My nipples began to spray, coating your fondling hands, as quickly as the rain washed them clean again.

You slid to your knees, onto our bed of wet clothes below, and started licking the dripping milk from my dark pink nipples while holding the soft flesh of my curvy hips. Every few seconds you flicked a nipple with your wet tongue and my milk spray arched over your face like a dancing fountain.

Finally you latched on to my left nipple with your suckling lips, while twiddling the right with your drenched fingers. I nearly collapsed from the intense and sudden pleasure rocking my body from breasts to clit.

You pulled me down to lie facing you on our soaked clothes. Your blood-stiff thick-veined cock pressed slowly, gently between my thighs, just under my fleshy pussy lips. As you suckled slowly at each of my dripping breasts, I stroked your wet smooth hair and neck and spine.

Nursing you there in the rain made me feel so beautiful, powerful and whole. My nurturing earth goddess nature was fed and satiated as much as my breasts fed your body and your desire.

I felt your erection tightening and growing more hungry, too, as you pressed your hips more urgently into mine. The slick head of your cock began pushing his way between my slippery pussy lips. It was time for you to feed my mouth and body, too.

…to be continued…

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Let Me Strip You in the Rain

Last night I dreamed that you were standing under a huge maple tree in the pouring rain, with your back pressed against the bark. You wore a white button-down shirt and jeans and I was in a short, sleeveless cream-colored sundress with plunging neckline.

We were both completely wet. You were so sexy as the fabric of your clothes clung to your skin. We stood face to face, watching each other, breathing quickly from our mad dash to shelter and from this bubbling desire.

I gently pulled my v-neck dress bodice to the sides of each of my full, heavy breasts, pulling them free from my drenched clothing. I felt my pussy lips swell as you stared at my fat, erect nipples. The sudden rising bulge in your jeans let me know that your need was swelling, too.

You started to unbutton your shirt, still standing there against the tree, but I stopped you. “No, don’t.” I said. “I want to do it.”

I have always fantasized about this, about stripping a lover in the rain.

I pressed my body against yours, rubbing my naked nipples against those buttons, and found your mouth for a deep, lingering kiss. My hands roamed your chest and belly, your arms and thighs. I cupped my right hand over your denim-caged cock and rubbed slowly up and down as our tongues danced.

Your hands cupped my moist breasts, with wet fingers rolling my nipples until I was so dizzy with pleasure I could barely stand.

Your shirt was bunched in my hands as I held on for balance, pulling and pressing like a cat kneading a blanket under her paws. I pulled my mouth away from yours and quickly yanked the shirt over your head. My soft breast flesh felt so good against your belly as I kissed my way down your naked chest.

You’d already kicked off your shoes, so your jeans and shorts slid away easily. I threw them in a pile behind me and stepped back a few feet to admire you. The rain dripped through the eaves splashed on your gorgeous erection, slipping down the full bulbs of your beautiful balls and down your sturdy thighs to the leaves on the ground below.

You looked like a god of masculinity and virility, standing wet and naked in nature before me. I wanted to worship your shape, your hunger, your fire, your seed. I wanted to feed you from my breasts and suckle at your shaft. I wanted you to drink my breast milk and fuck me like wolves in the wild.

I tugged away my sundress and slide my panties to the forest floor. I arranged our wet clothes into a soft bed under the tree at your feet. I gazed into your beautiful eyes and stroked your cock as the thunder rolled above.

You pulled me close and whispered “Feed me” into the dripping wet tendrils of my long, dark curls. Your fingers reclaimed my nipples and began to milk me into your hands.

To be continued…. 

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Heal Me Here — Right Here

There are days when my cravings to be suckled by a snuggling lover are all about a desire to be comforted and healed. Sometimes, like today, I wake up feeling fragile from stress or aching deep from the soreness & hormones of my own changing phases of fertility.

On those days, my hurting body or psyche needs to feel your warm, loving suction pulling that ache from my hips and my heart, up through the blue veins of my naked breasts in your hands.

Please caress me as you cuddle and suck. Please slip your comforting fingers just inside the silky slit of my plump, swollen labia and gently, gently circle and fondle and play.

Slowly reach past my darkness and pain with your sweet suckling lips, to coax my heat into hunger, my whine into want.

I’m sorry that I need you like this sometimes. I’m sorry to be so selfish like this sometimes, as I push my plush tits toward your tongue with this “please” look in my eyes.

But if you don’t suckle me right now, here in the half-light as the thick fog begins to roll away, I will stay curled into myself; unable to reach out to coax & connect with your needs, too.

Please heal me through my nipples — right here, yes here. Take my breasts to your mouth in our bed, in the car, on the picnic blanket, at the beach and under the big blue moon in the pouring rain.

It’s really that sensually simple to bring me back to life and back to you.


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Dear Readers, this is an excerpt from one of the stories featured in my 1st erotica collection Adult Breastfeeding Stories: BOOK ONE. I hope this sexy little sliver of story inspires you to buy the book at Amazon, thank you! xxoo

Titillating Tarzan

by Rumina

Our yacht went down several miles off the coast of the small island
where I found myself washed up and stranded, but gratefully alive.
Were there other survivors? I searched for weeks, but none of my
companions found their way to the island shore. Had they been
rescued? I spent those first days sobbing, sleeping fitfully and looking
for food.

There had been a party that night, on the boat for our group of
vacationing friends. The storm came upon us quickly and it didn’t take
long to figure out our host & captain was a heavy drinker who spent
more time with his hands on his female guests’ asses than insuring the
safety of his crew.

The storm sent us crashing into monumental waves. We tipped
and tossed until the boat turned over. I had fallen head first into the sea.
When I wasn’t wallowing in despair at my misfortune, while
tucked in the shade of the tropical trees, I was laughing through tears
at what felt like a joke. I was stranded on this island wearing a long,
low-cut red sequined ball gown. I was freakin’ Ginger from Gilligan’s
Island, though a more realistic version all torn and dirty with God-knows-
what tangled in my long dark hair.

After the first week, I was already tired of tripping over the gown
so I tore off the bottom half, leaving just enough skirt to cover the
tops of my thighs. I wrapped a long piece of the torn fabric around my
unruly curls and counted my blessings that there were no mirrors in
this one coconut town.

I’d been here over a month when he found me, or when he
allowed himself to be seen. He was a deeply tan half-naked man with
fear and lust in his eyes.

It was nearly dark, with the sounds of the ocean lapping against
the sand. I was curled up on a bed of leaves, wet and sans that damn
dress. I had just taken a dip in the sea and hung my clothes, including
my matching red lace thong and bra, to dry. The air was still warm as
the sun continued to slide slowly into a long gorgeous slit of scarlet and
orange light bouncing on the waves.

I didn’t hear him next to me. I was half asleep when his warm
hand touched my thigh. I was dreaming, I thought. I was dreaming this
warm masculine hand stroking my skin, spreading my legs, stroking
and pressing and…wait..sniffing me, too?

I opened my eyes and saw a wild man with his head buried
between my thighs, sniffing my bare pussy. I screamed, pushed his
head away, and screamed some more. The Wild Man screamed, too,
jumping to his feet and beating his chest as he scurried behind a tree.
I had never been that scared, even when trying to survive the stormy
sea. The Wild Man and I stared at each other as we shook and gasped.
He didn’t come closer., but I could tell he wanted to.

“Who are you?” I dared to ask, with my arms wrapped around my
full breasts and my bare legs pulled up to my chest.
He grunted and looked me up and down. His hair was long,
tangled and dark like mine. He wore a loin cloth type garment and his
body was broad, sturdy, maybe 6 ft tall. In fact, this man was stunning;
beautiful in his wildness. When he twisted a bit, I could see a long
jagged scar carved down his entire left side. Seeing that, seeing he’d
been hurt and survived something incredible like I had, made me relax
more. It made me want to slide my fingers down his scar and feel the
heat of a man near me again.

“My God, you’re Tarzan.” I whispered and let out a giggle that
surprised even me. My voice startled him again, but he stood his
ground. He seemed both so strong and scared. He didn’t speak, only
grunted and looked very curious about me, about my body. He seemed
to truly not know what a woman was.

My own curiosity got the better of me. I slowly stood up and
dropped my arms from my breasts. I watched him looking at every
inch of me in a way no other man ever had before. His bold stare
instantly aroused me. I feared him and wanted him. I was pretty sure
he felt the same way about me.

I stayed where I was and started to slowly stroke my own body,
still watching his eyes. My skin was still a bit wet as I smoothed my
fingers down my neck….down my chest…and over my right breast,
stopping to cup it while pinching my nipple between my fingers and

He took a step forward as I squeezed my nipple. He locked his
eyes on my breasts and started to breathe more heavily. I took a step
toward him, now cupping and stroking both of my heavy breasts and
holding them up for him to see.

He inched closer, never taking his eyes off my dark brown nipples.
Two more steps and we’d be touching. I saw his loin cloth start to
stretch and tighten as his erection pushed up and out. He was so
provocative to me. He smelled of wind and salt and sweat. I lifted my
breasts higher, tugging my nipples and watching his mouth open and
his eyes grow the deepest navy blue.

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Bare Breasts on the Open Road

My first lover who took my cherry many years ago lived outside of town. On long highway drives from my place to his, he would pull me close and fondle my tits while trying to keep his eyes on the road.

Before long my breasts were popped from my bra and my left breast cupped in his right hand. With my top pulled up, and sitting high up in his truck as we were, my naked breasts (and how they were being boldly fondled) were very visible through the windshield to anyone passing by under that big, bright sky.

Since then the idea of baring my breasts in public is an intoxicating turn-on to me, though I rarely do it.  I’m a tentative exhibitionist, but sometimes just can’t help but release my thick erect nipples as I drive on the interstate. My private game. My biggest thrill.

I’ve never had a man suckle me while I drive and that’s a fantasy of mine I’d love to make come true. Naked tits bouncing behind the wheel. My suckling lover leaning in and savoring my busty bounty as we get somewhere, anywhere, out on the open road.

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You Have My Attention, Too

The feedback I’ve been receiving from this blog so far is keeping me constantly aroused, impressed, ignited and aflame. From your wonderful compliments to your tantalizing suckling scenarios, it’s very clear that I have some very talented, sensuous, breast-loving lovers and writers as fans! I adore you and cannot get enough of your sweet & sexy responses. You are the reason I love what I do and love to keep writing for you!

Please tell me what types of features and themes you’d love to see on this blog going forward. I shall accommodate your desires the best I can, Dear Readers of Mine! 




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My First Story Collection at Amazon!


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A few years ago, I offered 5 ANR erotica stories for sale individually at my former blog site. Those 5 erotica short stories now comprise my first book for download sale at Amazon! 

It’s called Adult Breastfeeding Stories: BOOK ONE by Rumina. 

I send a heartfelt thank you in advance to everyone who buys a copy! To download the book, please visit this link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EMKLWCE You are truly wonderful for supporting self-published writers like me, thank you so much. 

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Morning Milk

You look so handsome and sexy sleeping naked next to me. The half light of early morning is sliding across the tousled sheets as I click off the alarm clock before it has a chance to ring. I want to bask in this pre-day silence listening to your breath.

You’re lying on your side, facing me. The shape of your loosely closed lips is slightly puckered and relaxed. I gently touch your lips with my fingers and this tiny, loving connection with your beautiful mouth makes my breast milk let down.

I feel my nipples swell quickly and I nearly cry out from the sensations of my breasts turning to heavy, full udders. I snuggle in closer to your body, my desire to watch you sleep now turning to an intense need to feed you.

Releasing an engorged breast from my lace babydoll nightgown, I softly tickle your lips with the dripping tip. My thick deep-pink nipple slowly penetrates your sleepy pucker. Your mouth instinctively opens to accept me and your tongue starts to lazily lap at my sweet nectar spray.

Your eyes flutter open. You pull back for a few seconds as your brain uncurls into full consciousness. Your arms then encircle my waist, pulling me tightly close. You breathe deeply against my leaking breasts and root around again for my milky peaks. I gasp with pleasure as your mouth meets the mark, feeling you suckle me so, so deep.

Good morning, Lover.


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Suckling Swoons

When a lover suckles me, my entire body ignites. My nurturing side mixes with my sensuous self in a way that finds me craving intense intimacy with the person lovingly latched to my nipple. That suction, that touch, that wet warmth and pulling sensation…I am intoxicated by all of it! I become so aroused and quickly begin flying through a sexy rush of adrenaline, as if the peaks of my tits were sparkling stars suddenly lit by the heat of desire.

I adore lovers who don’t just absent-mindedly lick and flick my uber-sensitive nipples and then move down.

Please spend time really savoring her breasts — whether milky or dry — as her engine becomes revved and greased to receive your lust in other worthy & wonderful ways.

Don’t just tease and tickle. Take your time. Make her snuggle and sigh and swoon.