Naked Sunrise

I stand naked in my warm kitchen, sipping sweet coffee and watching the sunrise over a thick dusting of new fallen snow out my window.

I set the coffee cup down to caress my breasts before the first pumping of the day. I press my nipples against the cold glass of the window and slide my fingers between my wet pussy lips, circling them slowly over my clit as I glide my nipples up and down the chilly window pane.

I have a decadent vision of my nipples dripping breast milk down this smooth glass and it makes my arousal higher, hotter, urgent. A car whizzes by on the highway in the distance, in the low half-light of sunrise, and I imagine the driver hitting the brakes, pulling up to my house, opening this window and sucking my sensitive tits into their mouth one by one. 

This fantasy makes me crest and quake. I gasp and cry out as I cum in front of the window, my fingers wet from my pussy juice and my nipples wet from the window condensation. 

I sip the rest of my coffee slowly in front of the window, naked and grinning as bright sunbeams float and rise up my skin. 


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The Milkmaid and the Soldier

It’s Veteran’s Day, dear readers, and I’m thinking with love and respect about all of our USA war veterans, past and present, as well as all those brave men and women across the globe who fight for freedom and peace. 

A few years ago, I used to follow a wonderful Adult Nursing Relationship blog called Nursing My Soldier. Did you follow it, too? When you click that link now you will see that the intimate, loving posts from this womanly adult breastfeeding blog have been deleted and the writer explains why. 

She used to post the most wonderful secret glimpses of when she would take her lover – a soldier – to her breasts when he was home on leave. I always thought her discreet and PG-13 writings were so sweet and nurturing and clearly from a woman who deeply loves her man. Comforting and arousing her soldier by offering her nipples for him to suck is still an image in my mind that awakens my every primal instinct to care, protect and enchant. 

Remembering her writings today on Veteran’s Day finds me indulging in a fantasy that I might turn into a full story for my next lactation erotica collection, we’ll see. 

I’m picturing me dressed in warm feminine clothing — perhaps a very soft pink button-down sweater with low-cut v-neck, with a pretty silky chocolate-colored skirt with a dainty pink flower design. Something very sweet, but also sexy and in fabrics that feel wonderful to touch. 

I’m visiting the local veteran’s hospital on this day. I’ve brought books to read, rich chocolates to share, and my warm, sweet nipple milk for any man who hopes to nuzzle and snuggle and suck. 

What do you think? Is this a story I should finish? Talk to me. 



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Chilly Day Milkings

Mmmmmmm, sipping a big steamy-hot mug of milkmaid tea on a chilly November Sunday.

I’m curled up in a big comfy lounge chair in front of the window, looking out over the landscape of naked maple trees and orange-brown brush swaying lightly under a cloudy midday sky.

My bare breasts and thick white thighs are exposed from my long, soft button-down sweater, as the whirring electric dual pump tugs my tender bountiful teats to life.

Oh, to see milk leaking and dripping and spraying from these thickening nipples someday! Do you think it’s possible to achieve this by the holidays?

We’re about to find out. 😉



PS…yes, the photo below is of me. (peek!)

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Fat Milky Nipples

….are what I visualize as the breast pump whooshes and whirs, sucking endlessly on my sensitive, swollen teats as if this beautiful arousing little machine can never quench its own thirst.

I watch sweet & naughty adult breastfeeding videos online during my pumping sessions, imagining those dripping nipples on the screen are mine and that suckling lover in the vid is devouring me, savoring me, slurping and licking and drinking me until his belly is full and his desire is pulsing like mad between his thighs.

New fiction stories are forming in my mind as these pumps play, tugging my heavy udders to a delicious soreness that only nipple-centric goddesses like me can fully appreciate and enjoy.

I am in my element and so alive with each tantalizing titillation! I love it so much!



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Back on Track & Pumping!

Hello, Dear Breast-Loving Blog Readers!

It’s been a spell of busy days since we last connected here at Rumina’s Nectar. I’m thrilled to be back on the blog scene, with renewed energy and spirit. The days are shorter and colder, but my inner heat is just starting to smolder for the long months of snuggle-up days ahead.

Good news! I’ve started breast pumping again! Yes, I’m on the path toward inducing lactation again and I’m so excited to have your support as I go. Let’s stay connected as I share my experiences, stories and, yes, the occasional revealing photo of my newest lactation journey that will hopefully this time lead to the milky nipples we all love and crave.

It’s great to be back and it’s time to pump and massage these already super-sensitive nipples of mine.

I’ve missed you!

Please say hello!

Love to you,


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Photo Credit: Medela Freestyle Breast Pump