As my womanly cycles spin slowly toward cleansing and renewal each month, the blue veins in my breasts become very prominent, the outer sides of each breast prickles with soreness and my nipples twinge and ache. I often massage my breasts during this time of deep soreness. I love to caress them while imagining that someday….please, please someday…this soreness will be an indication of my milk ducts filling and expanding, causing my nipples to turn dark and drip, drip, drip that sweet nectar I’ve been dreaming of sharing for years. 

So this breast soreness, when it comes on again — as it has again right now — also brings an incredible longing. I ache to relieve it through the sweet suckling pressure and pleasure of feeling my nipples tugged inside a man’s warm, wet mouth.

Have you ever suckled a woman’s soreness away? 

Would you like to? 

Ease mine with your comforting words, won’t you? 



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12 thoughts on “Sore Breasts & Longing

  1. What your soreness, is telling me is where your passion truly lies. You are not only aching for the physical side of things, but the psychological side of things. The monthly reminders, seem to remind your what you really want in life. In time, you will flow with milk and have a man suckle you. But then the soreness would be from all the nursing, and a kind that makes you heart smile.

  2. My favorite time of the month! I, too, am working toward lactation with my amazing hubby, and while we’re not there yet, the journey is nothing short of incredible. I love the soreness, especially on the sides of my breasts and the tips of my nipples. It’s a sweet reminder of my feminine self and of the future joys of sharing milk. I love your blog. Keep up the sexy work!

    1. Shalynne, thank you! Please keep us posted of your lactation efforts with your suckling hubby. I love hearing from another woman who craves sharing this special bond (and experiences this sweet soreness), too. xx

  3. Wow… I never realize how much I miss your writing until I read something new. Great post! I truly wish I could help suckle your soreness away. It would surely be a wonderful experience!

  4. I would help you out but i doubt you’d want someone as young as me to do it. I must say your writing style is enchanting and it seems like you wish for something more than just a physical interaction.

    1. Thank you for your sweet note and for using the word “enchanting” in reference to how I express myself and my desires. I love that word and am very flattered you think it describes me. Yes, I seek more than just the physical, but OH how the physical is so very nice, too. xx

  5. yess.. i have been lucky enough to suckle my lady’s soreness away…

    i would very much like to do it again.

    would u care for it Rumina…

    very much looking and longing for that day if u do allow me that pleasure… x

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