I’m curious, from both a male and female perspective, if couples who share adult breastfeeding are more loyal to each other because of the nursing bond they share.

From my own experiences trying to find a wonderful suckling partner, I know how difficult finding that kind of connection can truly be. So once I find it, I’m pretty sure I will work very hard to keep that relationship as healthy as possible in order to have my cake and feed it, too. 😉

Would a man have a stronger desire to be faithful and loyal to a wonderful woman who allows him to suckle? Would women in loving romantic relationships, whether with men or women, share the same desire to be as loyal as possible to keep that sensuous bond in tact?

I’ve talked to some people who have had ANR connections and lost them. Their sorrow at that loss has an additional and unique layer of regret attached to it that probably only people who share the adult breastfeeding desire can understand.

What do you think? Is Adult Breastfeeding a bond that makes some of us more loyal than we might otherwise be? Do we stay in unhealthy adult breastfeeding relationships longer than we should in order to keep that connection and sweet breast milk flowing?

Just pondering that today and would love your thoughts, too.



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6 thoughts on “Are Breastfed Lovers More Loyal?

  1. Yes, I do believe that men are more loyal in an ANR. First, the whole relationship is about commitment. You must be committed to nursing her as much as possible. That means, not to make her pump her breasts herself most of the time. Pumping should only be necessary because of a job, illness, or some type of emergency. In a sense, it is a submission, on both sides. The woman submits her body for him. She is the one whose breasts needs suckled. He submits to the whole process of it all. Then the side effects can be most important. Not just the loving, comforting bond that is so beautiful, but the stimulation of desires, that needs fulfilled as well. I believe any man who even thinks of being unfaithful, is no “man” at all. This guy would quickly show his true colors, by his lack of commitment and submission.

  2. “Would a man have a stronger desire to be faithful and loyal to a wonderful woman who allows him to suckle?” I would say the word “allows” is too passive here. She needs him to suckle. And if it is as strong an emotional need as it is a physical one, then the answer is a most emphatic “Yes”.

    I cannot speak from the perspective of a woman, but knowing as I do from a man’s point of view, this is indeed the truest form of bonding. If he is inclined to be in an ANR relationship – and knowing how rare it is to find a woman who wishes to breastfeed a man on a regular and continuing basis, then he is most likely forever hers.

    They can only pray they have done enough preliminary discovery of each other’s ways and views to know they can be happy together in other aspects of life. (If there are any! ; ) ) And this may not be easy if they have both met with the intention of exploring a long term nursing relationship together.

  3. While I have no experience to stem from, I would say yes, as a man I would be the most loyal to a woman who lets me do that. I believe that there is a deeper bond that is created more than what a relationship without it would have. but I personally believe that my partner should be happy and want it just as much if not more than I do. if she is happy, I’m happy.

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