There have been a handful of times over the years when a man has exposed and enjoyed my breasts in public places and I still get goosebumps of excitement every time I remember them.

The boyfriend who yanked up my t-shirt and bra in the dark movie theater and fondled my exposed nipples during the entire second half of “Ocean’s Eleven.” To this day, I cannot remember how that movie ends.

The same boyfriend who stood behind me under the porch light at night on his front porch, unbuttoned my sweater to expose my breasts, and caressed my bare tits while kissing my neck and not caring if the neighbors could see.

The UPS driver who, after flirting with me for months, walked boldly into my doorway, pulled down my low-cut white blouse, popped one of my breasts from my bra and started furiously suckling me right there in the doorway, with his back to the people walking by on the street.

The time my pale, creamy breasts were released from my black sweater and seemed to damn near glow as I was suckled by a much older man, in the car under a bright streetlight, as the rain was coming down.

Do you have any deliciously “indecent” breast exposure stories to tell?

I think I can speak for my readers when I say we’d all love to know!



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18 thoughts on “Delicious Indecent Exposure

  1. it sounds like you lead quite an exciting life. I wonder who will be next to come in contact with your lovely self and your breasts. I unfortunately don’t have any stories to tell. but maybe someday

  2. Hi Ru,

    My two cents: your stories relate to public, male initiative, quick action, and outdoors. Four qualities I find unappealing in an ABF event. (In descending order.)
    A good meaningful suckle requires a private place, a slow pace, and I prefer to believe that although a woman may be reverently approached, it should be she who removes the last bit of fabric between her moist nipple and her hungry lover’s lips only an inch away. After that the essence is time, – lots of it – to savour and enjoy, to empty her and then again.

    Yes, the whole thing can happen outdoors, but only for variety’s sake. Ideally we are cocooned where the wind cannot make us shiver. As for sharing any of it with the public, not for me. I would want you all to myself. I don’t need witnesses to know how strong my needs are.

    But that’s just the way I am…


  3. I used to pop into a notorious late night bar on the way home from gigs. A group of strippers used to come in after they got off at 3 and I got friendly with them. One big busty black girl used to call me her Titty Man and let me fondle them in the back. Once we went out to my car in front of the place and she pulled her top up and took them out for me to suckle. Such pretty charcoal nipples!!! MMMMmmm…

  4. Since I am obviously a man, I could not respond to your exposing breasts question on your blog. But I have done plenty of public things, and it is such a turn on. I will share a couple of them with you. My old girlfriend and I were parked next to the curb in a high traffic neighbor/park overlooking the Illinois River. She was sucking my cock, with her head bobbing up and down, as people walked by. I wasn’t going to tell her to stop.

    Another time, we were in the front of a packed house at a movie. Usually we are in the back, top row. But it didn’t stop us. I fingered her throughout the whole movie, with her coat on her lap. Needless to say, I didn’t watch the movie but was watching her reactions, every time she came. At the end of the movie, she stood up to put on her coat and it looked like she peed her jeans, and the seat, too.

    As far as the UPS guy, I give him a high five, for that is what I would have done, but probably a lot sooner. I love exposing my woman in public, and very much enjoy the voyeurism. But I don’t share anything physical.

  5. Such delicious recollections, dear RU!
    I am reminded of a very recent experience: I went to visit my male friend and we shared His car to ride to dinner. On the way back on the interstate, He began caressing and pinching my chocolate nipples. He directed me to take off my bra and ride with my shirt back to the hotel. Once back at the hotel, we shared the elevator with an older gentleman. My Friend reached over and pinched both of my nipples in front of this man. He lightly smiled as he exited off his floor. My friend bent and whispered in my ear “good girl”. An amazing night followed!

    1. jacquie2010, I adore your delicious public play memory, too! Ah, the elevator. One place I haven’t yet dared to expose my breasts for a sweet, sexy caress. They’re all equipped with cameras these days! πŸ˜‰

  6. My girlfriend has lately become very interested in having me suckle her long and hard. She has fantastic breasts, and I am always more than willing to caress and suck her tits for as long as she likes. But I do have to say that I miss suckling a nice full lactating breast. Many years ago I had the immense pleasure of drinking from my wife’s milk-engorged breasts a few times, and I find myself craving that warm wonderful feeling more and more all the time.

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