“The Milkmaid” Part 1

The story “start” below was originally posted to my first Rumina’s Nectar blog several years ago, before that blog was deleted by the blog host. Luckily, this is one of the very few writings from that first blog that I had thought to save.

I’m re-posting it for those of you who never saw it or don’t remember it, and will finally continue and finish this story in segments for you. 

Enjoy and thank you for reading!



PS….I’m sitting here giggling as I remember some of the comical comments that followed the original post of this story section, due to the last line spoken by the father to his daughter about her unmarried state and milky curves. 😉 


The Milkmaid

Part 1 

A King’s Discovery


Belle was just 18 years old when she became milkmaid to the Queen.

The birth of her bastard child by an unknown sailor found her body plump and ripe, with pale skin aglow. Her breasts were so full and heavy that her wiggling, beautiful dark-eyed son couldn’t keep up with all the milk that was his and his alone to drink.

It was a rainy Sunday when the King, disguised in a dark hooded cloak and plain clothes, was getting some much needed air away from the dusty rooms and halls of his castle. And away from the crying sounds of his own newborn son, who was fussy and sickly and refusing his mother’s breasts.  

As the King strolled alone in the rain, he came upon a cottage window where voluptuous young Belle was nursing her swaddled infant inside, by the light of a candle. The King gasped and stepped back in the shadows. He had never seen such a succulent woman-child with nipples so thick and dripping with sweet nectar. The King stood in the rain watching as she switched the child from breast to breast, cooing at him and closing her eyes in what looked like pure womanly pleasure when her nuzzling babe sucked her nipple full into his tiny mouth.

When Belle had finished feeding her now sleeping child and lovingly tucked him into the cradle at her feet, she heard a gentle tapping on her family’s front door.

Her father answered the door in the room opposite where Belle was sitting. She couldn’t see who was there, but she heard her father’s surprise and recognition of the stranger’s identity. She quickly tucked her breasts back into the bodice of her dress; which since her son’s birth was now much too small to cover her decently.

After a short time, her father closed the door and stood for a few moments in shocked silence. Belle’s mother and younger sister looked up from their sewing as he entered the sitting room with wide, startled eyes.

“Belle, pack your things. Just when I thought you’d be the scandalous death of this family, your bastard babe has turned to gold. You’ve been summoned to the castle, daughter. We will be compensated well for feeding the hungry prince and his siblings from this day forward. Your overflowing whore-child titties now belong to the King.”


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Kissing Gavin

His warm mouth is both gentle and passionate. He doesn’t drown me with his tongue, but sensuously dips and dances it between my lips with a teasing tenderness. 

With one hand caressing my face, his other fingers slide inside the lace pressed against my breast. My soft nipple pulses and tightens when he finds it. His touch on my sensitive peak ignites me as he massages and cuddles, petting my nipple again and again until my panties are soaked with desire.

Gavin’s lips move from my mouth to my breast. My hands move from his downy chest to the stiff tent in his jeans. I am dizzy with lust as we move from sofa to bed, quickly tugging off clothing as we go. 

Kissing is a close cousin (sibling?) of breast suckling. A wet and tender mouth causing a woman’s body to stir, awaken and crave. 


Love Lactation Erotica? My Lactation Erotica stories can be found HERE.