“The Milkmaid” Part 2

The Milkmaid

Part II

Preparing the Queen

Shaking and horrified at being forced to leave her family home, Belle sniffled quietly as she settled into the grand carriage sent to bring her to the castle. Her plump infant son was tucked tightly to her bosom under her thin, ragged coat. Her small bag of belongings held only a change of dress and a tiny homemade corncob doll she’d had since her own toddler days. 

She looked like a child cradling a child as the simple peasant life she knew got further and further from view.

Miles away in her private chamber, Queen Rilla was being prepared for the milkmaid’s arrival. She stood naked in the large linen-lined washing tub as her two attendants bathed her with soft sponges from the sea. As her maids smoothed warm suds up and down her pale thighs, belly and ass, she caressed her own wet breasts while holding back tears.

Just the tiniest drips of milk escaped her majesty’s thick brown nipples. She put her milk-wet fingers to her mouth and quietly suckled her own sweet nectar from the tips. Would it ever be enough to feed her noble newborn? The son that she and her king had been trying to conceive for years and had finally blessed their lives and their kingdom was so hungry all the time. Her aching, misting breasts just could not, would not fulfill her darling babe’s needs and it crushed her to the core.

Her washing attendants loved their queen and knew how devastated the whole castle was from this sad predicament. They deeply longed to help her with her motherly desires and see the light return in her heart and eyes. And so, every morning during this cleansing ritual from the bath, they would share a secret unspoken intimacy that awakened all of their desires.

Dropping the sponges in the soapy basin, Rilla’s washing maids caressed her curves with their slick hands and each — delicately, soothingly, lovingly — took one of their queen’s erect nipples into their doting, suckling mouths. Queen Rilla, with her arms supported by their shoulders, would close her eyes and breathe deep with uncontrollable ecstasy as her teats were sucked and massaged by these warm soft lips. Their washing hands cupping Rilla’s breasts to stimulate her milk ducts, her attendants drank their queen’s few drips of milk hoping to signal her body to make more and more.

Rilla moaned and felt wet fingers opening the soft petals of her labia as darting tongues flicked and licked her rubbery dark peaks. Troubled thoughts of the new milkmaid feeding her son instead of she all slipped away as her breasts and swollen pussy lips were given such loving hungry attention and care. Rilla cupped her own breasts to squeeze the lightest spray of milk onto her maidens’ tongues and gasped loudly as they playfully bit her nipples before sucking them fiercely back into their mouths again.

Queen Rilla held fast to her ladies around their petite waists as she began to crest this heavenly wave of sensuous devotion. Panting and crying out, lost in pleasure as her nipples did more heartily leak and spray, she didn’t hear the knock on the heavy wooden door.

A young dark-haired page named Bale stood in shocked silence for a few beats as he took in the private riveting scene at the tub. Fearing for his life from having witnessed his queen’s rapturous nakedness, while covering the instant tent in his trousers to not give his own arousal away, he stepped back into the shadows of the doorway and said “My Queen, the milkmaid has arrived.”


….stay tuned for Part III coming soon! 

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Did You Miss Me?

Hello, my dear blog readers!

My apologies that I have been so quiet over the past month. I have been very sick off and on and dealing with the bitter cold and continuous onslaught of snow hasn’t helped!

I am feeling much better now and have finally returned to tantalize and tease with my musings and stories worthy of breast worshipers everywhere.

Oh, how lovely and healing it would have been to be snuggled and suckled during these many frozen days of sickness. I fully believe suckling and being suckled is an incredibly healing experience and elixir for both a woman and her nursing partner.

I have missed you. I’ll be writing the second installment of my Milkmaid story today, so please watch for that post by tomorrow, too!

Love and Breast Wishes 😉


Love Lactation Erotica? My Lactation Erotica stories can be found HERE.