Gently Squeeze

My visualizations about having breasts full of milk are so strong that I’m sometimes convinced that when a lover gently squeezes my breasts as he suckles he will surely get a mouthful. That’s just a fantasy so far, of course, as my breasts do not yet lactate but it feels so real and so possible every single time. 

I adore it when a lover gently squeezes my breasts in Marmet fashion, caressing my tender teats with loving care as if they already hold the sweet nectar that we both can imagine dripping into his fondling fingers. 


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Back to the Breast

When I was showering before bed last night, after an exhausting stressful day, the hot water sliding over my nipples felt so good and so healing while also arousing me instantly. I pressed my breasts against the warm tiled wall and thought about all the times I come back to the breast when I ache and crave. 

For me, as a woman, I come back to the breast when I need comfort and connection by seeking nipple stimulation and breast massage and to be cradled and savored in this way. 

For suckling men and women, we come back to the breast for the comfort and sensuous loving connection that filling our warm mouths with soft nipple flesh and sweet breast milk can bring. 

Is there a place on anyone’s body that offers more solace and sexy sanctuary than the breast? 

We keep coming back because the breast is where we are nurtured, accepted, awakened and refilled. 

I wish you lots of wonderful moments of offering and accepting these gifts from the breast, dear readers of mine. 



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Because You Asked Me To

Because You Asked Me To

A couple of my blog followers who remember my original blog from several years ago (which was deleted by the host because Ru Ru got a little too naughty and revealing there) have asked me to re-post this photo. I’m flattered that some of you remember it. I hope those of you new to it enjoy it, too.

This photo makes me think of offering my naked nipple to a sensuous suckling man on a picnic in the park, under the cover of a great evergreen tree. I was actually sitting under a great evergreen tree when I took this pic, so some of that fantasy is real. The only thing missing was the man. Let’s all imagine him there, shall we?

If you are imagining that the recipient is you, well….I am very flattered by that thought, too. 😉


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Thank You, Sassy J! (…for your wonderful book review…)

I happened to swing by the Amazon page where I’m selling my first collection of Adult Breastfeeding Stories and noticed that there is a brief and really fabulous comment from a reader-reviewer there. Oh, happy day!! My first online review! And it’s a GOOD one!

Dear Sassy J — I’m so grateful for that review and those kind words. I’m really glad you enjoyed the experience of reading my stories and I’m very glad that you follow my blog. Thank you for taking the time to post that for me. In fact, after reading it I went back to some of my incomplete ANR stories that have been needing my attention for months. Your review inspired me to get back to that writing and for that I am forever grateful. Sometimes it takes just a little extra validation that the work is appreciated to keep a creative person creating. That gift is golden and I’m glad to receive it. 

And so…more stories to come! 🙂 

To all my readers, I absolutely adore you and appreciate you, too. Thank you for reading me, engaging with me and sharing our common bond of these lusty and loving desires and dreams. 



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How To Lick A Nipple

First your fingers play

Seeking, stroking, turning my soft

puffy peaks into stiff rubbery tips

of pure pleasure

You slip those playful fingers

under the lace, easing my sensitive

breasts from their delicate bindings

Gently squeeze these tips, oooh yesss

Like that. Just like that. 

And kiss your way down so I can feel

your breath before your 

tongue dips and flicks

licking my nipple like

candy, your tongue dripping

from the taste of me

Cup and caress my breast

as you wet me, wake me, take me

to that place you know this always

takes me…to the center of my

sensuous bliss

Your mouth is my

master, my servant, my 


ooooooh, like that

Lick and suckle until 

I am sore and singing

your praises and

begging for more, more, more


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Adult Breastfeeding Relationship — It’s Complicated

I’ve been connecting with men and women in the growing underground (and slowly surfacing) Adult Breastfeeding community for six or so years now. We all live very different lives, but the majority of us seem to have the same major complaint. Though it’s becoming increasingly easier to find potential lovers and mates for sensuous suckling, milky or dry, the fact remains that healthy, sustainable long-term Adult Nursing Relationships can be just as hard to find and keep as any other relationship. 

Why? Because relationships are complicated. People are complicated. That’s just how life is, my dears, and it’s the same complicated relationship path for me, too. 

Many, many people ask me why I haven’t found the “perfect” bonding and beautiful relationship yet for inducing lactation and daily suckling. I mean, if anyone has put herself out there in the “Come suckle me” spotlight, it’s me. (-:

There are a thousand factors that come into play anytime you’re talking about building any kind of relationship and an ANR is truly no different. We can’t just bond over the love of sharing sumptuous breast worship. Breast suckling alone can’t keep two people happily together for the long haul, no matter how much we all hope it will. 

The same questions come up for ANR as they do for any other relationship connections for me. Do we have compatible locations for being together regularly? Do we have compatible personalities? Do we have compatible beliefs and lifestyles? Does he want children as much as I still do? Does he eat animals? I don ‘t. Does he seek a Barbie Doll? I’m not one. No apologies. Is he much younger or older than me? That situation has its own immediate complications. Is he married? It’s astounding how many men expect me to somehow be OK with that. 

And on and on and on.

Both men and women — no matter how wonderful we are in our own wonderful individual ways — often struggle with finding a great ANR because…it’s….a….relationship! 

And relationships are complicated. 

Agree? Disagree? I’d love to hear your thoughts, too. 



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