Embracing Our Wild Sides

Having a lover suckle at my breasts seems like the most natural thing in the world to me. I suppose you could call this my “wild side” because if I lived in the wild I imagine it would be part of my every day life. Yet I live in a civilized world, where opening my blouse to offer my nipples to a consenting adult lover who craves the bond of breastfeeding is still under such a silly shroud of shame and taboo.

Do you feel any shame or embarrassment attached to your desire to suckle or be suckled? Do you embrace your wild and primal side with your partner (s) in your passionate pursuit of breast and breast milk sharing?

Perhaps it’s my strong hippie side that makes me wish that I, and the rest of us, felt more free to want and have and give open and ample time sucking the breasts we’re lucky enough to own or press our warm mouths against.



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Breasts in Flower Field

Subway Suckles

There are times when I’ve been on the subway train, especially at night, and I’ve got the cleavage pushed up high and boldly visible while I’m surrounded by adults of various ages clearly out for the eve. The occasional stares at my breasts and the quick look-aways that follow when I catch their eyes makes me wonder what would happen if I pulled my low cut blouse open to the sides until my bare teats were in full view. 

Would someone be brave enough to not only stare, but to slide into the seat next to me to touch and fondle my soft, pale flesh? Would a stranger trace the long line of my heavy udders down to pinch my nipples to see them grow longer in his fingers? Would he dare to cup and pull one of my breasts to his mouth as others in the car watched me react with shock and pleasure? 

Would another stranger join him at my other breast, slowly massaging my belly and thighs as they each tugged at my tits with their heated, wet mouths? 

I almost can’t stand to keep typing this. It’s so much imagined pleasure to my nipple-centric, hedonistic exhibitionist mind. 

I have been kissed by strangers a few times, after chatting briefly in darkened bars and lounges. Those times were exciting, too. Yet to be suckled by a stranger…spontaneously on the subway or a dark movie theater or anywhere…would be another check off my bucket list. (;


Love Lactation Erotica? My Lactation Erotica stories can be found HERE.