Cherry Juice

I’ve been eating lots of cherries this summer and this morning pitted a fresh, plump dark cherry to rub all over my thick nipples. The soft, squishy cherry flesh inside the pit hole felt so wonderful as I gently squeezed this succulent little fruit to encase and massage my juicy tips. I wondered if this is what it feels like to slide a sensitive penis into a wet, juicy pussy.

I buried and encircled each nipple over and over until drip after red drip of sweet cherry juice slid down my breasts and belly and onto my naked thighs.

Then I ate the cherry and suckled my own dusky teats, licking them clean.

Cherry In Mouth Fashion Photo

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The Breast & The Brain

I find the science behind sensuality to be so fascinating, don’t you?

We women, especially those of us (like me) with intensely sensitive nipples, feel such a blissful chemical rush of pleasure from being suckled which stimulates our neuroanatomy — our nervous system — in such a significant, powerful way. The brilliance of these waves of oxytocin hormones from breast to brain not only gives us amazing pleasure, but bonds us to the pleasure source, too.

Lactating women can’t help but bond with their suckling lovers as much as their sucking babes. It’s a natural, beautiful function of the female body that makes us all the more…miraculous.

I mean, really….the female body is just sooooo magnificent, am I right? 🙂

We were designed to take great pleasure from breastfeeding and nipple stimulation. It is our gift and our birthright. It is one of the female body’s most precious primal experiences and pleases our brains just as much as it does our delicate, deliciously tender tips.



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Do you love Lactation Erotica? My Lactation Erotica stories can be found HERE.