Coffee and (dreams of) Milk

It’s a lazy morning as I sip my sweet coffee slowly and daydream about feeling my non-existent breast milk let down for a wanting, hungry lover. It’s one of those days when I crave the art of lactation so badly it sends me right back to the breast pump to feel at least the sensations of the suckling tug of a milk-pulling machine. 

For those of my readers with sensitive nipples, you know how much our very responsive peaks are like heat-seeking missiles….or more accurately, suck-seeking missiles….and the breast pump is an adored contraption I damn near wish I could make love to for all the pleasure it gives in return. 

This morning once again experiencing the whir and hiss, tug and stretch of the breast pump suction is causing an incredibly arousing awakening in me. My nipples get so red, thick and swollen after ample time in these sucking shafts that I can’t help but stroke and squeeze them immediately after releasing my breasts from the pump. To feel a lover suckle me right after an intense breast pump session? Oh, what gasp-inducing heaven that would be! 

Anyone else out there enjoying the breast pump lately? Have recommendations of your favorite brand? 

It’s a perfect gift for the nipple-centric gal or couple, mark my words. 😉



(Photo Below: Medela Freestyle Pump available at ) 


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Sensuous September

September, with her gradually cooling temps and slowly changing landscape, brings on ever-increasing temptations to snuggle in together as Autumn arrives. I wish you all a very sensuous September, full of sexy snuggles and nurturing nuzzles with sweet breasts latched to suckling lips. 

I adore sweater weather and will certainly be showing off the same ample amount of cleavage this fall whenever I get the chance. There’s something extra enticing, I think, about seeing just a hint of bountiful breast flesh pressing up and just a wee bit over soft warm knits. Feeling a lover caressing my breasts through my favorite sweaters is one of the highlights of the colder seasons, so here’s hoping this Autumn season coming up brings me (and you!) the caresses and nipple kisses I crave, too. 

Thank you for all of your wonderful comments that make me feel so special! Know that I am thinking of you and appreciating your exquisite sensuality, too. 

Breast Wishes! 



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