One Year & 200,000 Hits — Thank You!

So while I’m finishing up the new eBook releases, I just want to say a really big and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has been following this new 2.0 version of my blog. It’s been a year and — knock wood — the host hasn’t deleted me, as the former host did with my former blog! I call that success and I’m grateful that I’ve found a way to hopefully keep the readers coming back while also not getting too out of line that the powers-that-be get rid of me. 😉

I marvel at those over 200,000 hits to my blog that I see in the tracker. THANK YOU so much for reading and commenting and sharing my deep desire for suckling bonding, pleasure and sensual transcendence when mouth meets nipple.

Writing this blog has helped me find my community of like-minded breast-loving/sharing people who…well…really “get” me. To say it’s a tremendous gift connecting with you is a tremendous understatement.

Thank you for this past year and all that we continue to share from here!

Kisses & Suckles,


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Thank you Script

Dita Von Teese

I adore burlesque and the amazing, the sultry, the boldly vintage-styled and super sexy burlesque performer Dita Von Teese.

What did I discover recently about Dita Von Teese that my made my milky-breast loving heart go pitter pat?

Dita Von Teese has a line of nursing bras!! 

Could our beloved Mz. Teese have a milky nipple fetish, too?

As soon as my bank account refills to a more respectable level, I will be indulging in at least one of these sexy Von Follies Dita Von Teese nursing bras.

And, yes…..I will model it for you here on the blog. 😉

Can’t wait!!

Dita Von Teese Von Follies nursing bras are available from: 

Motherhood Maternity 

Destination Maternity

Here’s an article from Elle Magazine about why burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese decided to design nursing bras:

And HERE is the website for the indelible Dita herself:


Do you love Lactation Erotica? My Lactation Erotica stories can be found HERE.

A Writing Day the Rumina Way

I’m working on more Adult Breastfeeding Erotica stories today and you know me, Dear Readers….this kind of sensuous writing always brings out the breast-centric goddess in me. 🙂

So as I type and imagine and fantasize and dream while I sip my spiced tea from a delicate china cup, my silky blouse is open and my bra-less thick nipples are standing very much at attention as I write this to you.

Do other writers slowly fondle their soft naked breasts between prose paragraphs?

Do other writers get inspiration from their own supple bodies while entranced by the sensations of their massaging fingers against their own dark pink nipple flesh?

I’d like to think so. In fact, thinking so is inspiring my erotica writing even more.

I adore self-loving and deliciously indulgent writing days like these!

XO to you…


Naked Woman Typing

Do you love Lactation Erotica? My Lactation Erotica stories can be found HERE.