The Softest Part of Night

I love a man who is confident in his own unique strengths and embodies those strengths in many ways.

Yet when my lover comes to me at night, curling up against my body for comfort, solace and connection — I am entranced. A man who will let himself be vulnerable in my arms is a blessed form of gallantry to me. Even the strongest man must be allowed to open, ache and need. My lover letting me stroke and soothe him allows me strong moments that I need as a woman, too.

The seductive sweetness of adult breastfeeding is an amazing blend of softness and strength. As my lover suckles my breasts, we grow in strength together through mutual trust and desire. As he seeks and tastes my nipples in the dark, he savors me and empowers me.

Lying in bed, sliding his fingers over my skin to cup my breast and pull it tenderly to his mouth…this is the softest part of night where the two of us escape into pleasure and love and sensuous peace.

Drink deep, my lover.

You are safe here with me.

Love and Suckles,



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The Lure of Celtic Goddess Danu

On St. Patrick’s Day my love of Celtic mythology kicks into even higher gear, in spite of what this holiday is meant to celebrate. It all brings my mind and sensuous dreaming back to stories of the beautiful Celtic Goddess Danu. In Celtic mythology, Danu is considered the “Great Mother of Ireland.” She is a nurturer, revered for her symbolism of fertility and abundance. She is loving, giving and artistic. She is a strong mothering presence.

When you look for images, figurines and statues of Goddess Danu, she is often shown breastfeeding. Her bountiful breasts the very essence of divine femininity. Her sweet breast milk the life force of all living things.

Because Goddess Danu is also associated with agriculture, in my romantic goddess fantasies I imagine Danu nursing the farmers who call to her along the lush green landscape of Ireland.

A man drenched with sweat from a hard day in the field feels a bit dizzy and craves water and nourishment. As he sits with eyes closed to rest against a wooden fence, a cooling shadow slips over him. Little droplets of sweet milk dribble over his parched lips. He licks the drips and reawakens into what feels like a dream of creamy, womanly curves. Goddess Danu, in a soft pale green see-through sheath, whispers to the exhausted farmer that she has come to revive him and reward him for his service to this land they both love. She cradles his head against her breasts and guides a wet thick nipple into his mouth. The farmer’s dirt-caked hands slip under Danu’s sheath to stroke her supple body as he suckles her, feeling his strength return and his virility grow.

My imaginings of goddesses like Danu offering their breasts for comfort, nourishment and desire make me feel like a true goddess when my own lover’s hands and lips relish the feel and taste of my breasts and nipples.

I never tire of the incredible sensations, both physical and emotional, that wash over me when my breasts are suckled, too.

Love & Suckles to you…


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Dreams of Spring Sucklings

Ah, how extra bright and glorious the sun always seems when spring is near! My love of nature grows deeper and my desire to be naked and coupling under the winking stars becomes a not so distant and crazy fantasy again.

I envision a picnic in the park with my lover, cradling his head discreetly in my lap under the cover of a soft, light blanket. He cups and caresses my breasts through my low-cut sundress. He moans and sighs as he releases one of my plush, full breasts to press it gently against his face. He kisses my bare skin and licks his way to my pulsing nipple. I gasp and feel my pussy lips swell as he draws my tender teat deep into his mouth.

His suckling soothes and arouses us. Awakens and bonds us. Brings us back into the primal fold of the landscape and creatures around us, savoring the natural mating urges of beautiful, fertile spring.

Love & Suckles to You…


Do you love Lactation Erotica? My Lactation Erotica stories can be found at Amazon HERE. Or via Smashwords HERE. NEW titles coming SOON. Other e-tailers will soon carry my e-books, too. Stay tuned and thank you for reading. xoxo