I know I’m with the right lover when he gets even more aroused at the sight of a peek-a-boo nursing bra waiting for his playful fingers under my blouse.

When he moans and presses his body closer to mine as I unclip the lacy cup and pull it gently down.

My thick nipple bounces as it’s released, a welcoming nod to his hungry touch and his warm, wet tongue.

Wearing nursing bras makes me feel an arousing mix of femininity, comfort and sensual confidence. I feel sexier in my clothes. I feel empowered and powerful, fertile and frisky.

These days shopping for tops, dresses and intimates always finds me seeking styles that allow quick access to my heavy breasts, whether that quick access is a lover’s or my own.

Feeling a man suckle my teats through an opened, pretty nursing bra is one of my favorite ways to spend a day.



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5 thoughts on “Peek-a-Teat

  1. I just had an amazing breast lover’s night.
    Meeting with an older woman friend of mine for the second time, we got a hotel room to get away from neighbors and have some peace and quiet.

    Her nipples are large, firm. Her breasts sag low and aren’t “full” or firm, but that matters hardly anything to me. the only things i care about in a woman are 1) big eraser nipples 2) high nipple sensitivity 3) nice personality.
    any one of three are missing and I usually don’t continue the relationship. That’s okay, we all eventually find someone who meets our needs.
    Her and i had some passsionate nipple obsessed safe sex for 45 minutes. I’d suck her nipples, whip them, put clamps on them, flicked them hard, pulled, nibbled. I asked her to fuck my cock with her nipples. This she did with passion, rubbing her erect nipples on and around my cock and shaft for long minutes. I fucked her breasts with her straddling me and banging them on my member or with her breasts hanging still while i lay underneath and thrust back and forth between them.
    Then I mounted her, and put myself directly on her chest and continued the thrusting. Then attention was directed to each nipple. She’d clutch each breast and direct her rubbery, meaty nipple upwards as i thrashed it with strokes, pausing to suck them with a gentle bite and then a strong pulling suck.

    Despite these active dyamics, the most enjoyable part was a ten minute interlude where i curled up to her, and she cradled me side by side and breastfed me while adding a nice touch of throwing one leg over my body. with my erection pressed directly into her leg, we just lay there quietly as i sucked the nipple. We held each other close and her moans let me know that she was being transported away by my powerful and caring sexual attention.

    a great night!

    1. This is an incredibly sexy scene you describe, wow! Yet my favorite part….as you might well guess…is that you ended this post and your sexy session with sweet, sensuous suckling. Ah, bliss. xo

      1. the final act was me on all fours above her as she lay on her back.
        I fucked her nipples from this 90 degree angle for a while, then pushed her unbuttoned shirt as far away from her chest and shoulders as possible before i ejaculated upon them.

        Having been in sexual heaven for such a long time, given that it was everything i dreamed of – an older woman, Latina, large meaty sensitive nipples, i let go with numerous cum shots using her nipples as aiming points.

        With the cum on her breasts I fucked her erect nipples for another few minutes, as it made for a nice natural lubricant.
        She lay there, enraptured at the attention lavished upon her, not even requiring penetration sex – all completely safe sex with foreplay via hand jobs, suckling, intertwining, and mammary intercourse

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