Before reading this post, please note that I have read several articles about how stimulation by electrodes above the waist can be very dangerous to the heart. Most sources I have checked agree that a TENS Unit is safe to use on the breasts, especially at low levels, but please do not use a TENS Unit (especially above the waist) unless you have clearance to do so from your doctor. Thank you! 


I have finally — 24 hours ago — entered the blissful world of breast stimulation and lactation induction with the irresistible arousing and deeply relaxing sensations of a brand new Tens Unit!

Oh, wow. Just WOW.

After just two “sessions” so far , I am already a complete and happy addict of this glorious machine.

I am following the advice of this website for Tens Unit use on the breasts for inducing lactation:

This is a great link to consult for proper pad placement on the breasts, as well as tips for making sure you have a great Tens Unit experience. For example, definitely start at the lowest levels and work your way up.

Eventually, I will increase the power and my session consistency, but for now I’m learning exactly how my Tens Unit model works and what level of intensity my breasts and body find the most comfortable.

The Tens Unit model I purchased is this one:

I love this model because it has a “knead” function that provides a rolling massage sensation throughout the Tens Unit pads placed on the skin on each side of my nipples.

However, please note that the remote for this specific unit is quite large — the size of a large TV remote — so if you are wanting to use a Tens Unit discreetly underneath a blouse out in public or in a work situation, I recommend that you purchase a Tens Unit with a much smaller remote that could be hidden more easily in your top during your 15 minute sessions.

Also — DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT use a Tens Unit if you have health challenges with your heart or have a pace maker. Definitely speak to your doctor first if you have any concerns or questions about using a Tens Unit for this purpose or for the healing of muscle aches and pains on other areas of your body. A Tens Unit sends electric pulses through your skin into your muscles.

The Tens Unit is supposedly a way to gradually help “awaken” your breast milk ducts, as a supplement to Marmet Massage, breast pump pumping, and partner suckling when inducing lactation.

Like other methods of inducing lactation, a Tens Unit isn’t a quick remedy. It will still likely take many weeks or several months (each person’s timing is different) of consistent breast and nipple stimulation to achieve the goal, so be patient my dears!

In the meantime, the Tens Unit provides wonderfully discreet breast stimulation when you need it most.

Lie back and enjoy. I can’t help but imagine what it would feel like to have a lover suckling me while the Tens Unit works its magic.

I just might have to try that as soon as possible. 😉

Love & Suckles,



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2 thoughts on “My Heavenly New Tens Unit

  1. Gosh! How exciting. That device seems like it is just what you were looking for. I found reading your description and seeing that photo very titillating and can only imagine how it feels for you.
    I hope this year is a good one for us all and I will always enjoy reading your words dear Ru whenever you may care to write. I love hearing what’s new with you and reading your stories. I am looking forward to the next.
    Fond regards, D.

    1. Dominic, thank you for your wonderful comment and for always being so sweet and encouraging with me. I will be much more active on this blog this year and I look forward to more connecting with wonderful people like you as I go. Hugs and fond regards back to you, too. xo Ru

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