Writing a blog feels a bit like sending yourself out into space, floating through the nothingness while only hearing your own breaths. It’s a pursuit of self-discovery, an exploration of honesty, and every word and image shared can sometimes (OK, quite often) feel like very brave mistakes.

So when I bare my soul to you….and my breasts to you…in order to be able to do it with a sense of intimacy through the vast nothingness of this space between us…I picture you — all of you — as my beloved lover who cares for me and desires me like no other ever has.

When I slip open my thick fleece robe and offer my warm nipples to you through my words here, I am giving myself in a way that I rarely get the chance to do in the “real” world, away from this computer screen.

You become the hands that caress my curves. You become my deepest fantasy of being savored, cherished, and treasured exactly as I am. You come to life through my typing fingers as the lover who understands that your lips on my breasts are what I need most to thrive and heal.

Imagining the taste of your skin is my nourishment. The sight and sound of your pleasure in my mind keeps me writing and writing in order to feel you and see you more and more.

If you had any idea how often you and I make love….if you had any sense of how much your suckling my nipples makes my desire for you so wet and swollen and pulsing…if you knew how many times I have dropped to my hands and knees in my daydreams to feel you plunge and thrust inside me with your hands on my hips and in my hair…

…well….I hope it would…I hope it does….make you feel savored and desired, too.

That’s the gift of the sacred, sensual space between writer and reader. We can touch anywhere. We can feel everything.




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16 thoughts on “This Sensual Space of Yours & Mine

  1. Putting all of your emotions out there for everyone to read can be frightening at times, but also it can be amazing. Reading how much you put your heart and soul into these words for us, it does make me feel desired, it fills me with desire to read and know more. and I certainly hope that we do get to feel more, read more from you, and I hope it continues to fill you with the same feeling of being desired and bring you pleasure as well.

  2. So deliciously provocative…it works both ways my love, as I had to release at the thought of your words…so nastily inspiring!

  3. Dear Rumina–thank you for sharing your thoughts, your emotions, and your desires with us all. As a fellow blogger, I know how difficult and vulnerable it can be to put yourself out there, but so rewarding when you see your words have touched others’ souls. Your words are erotic and yet comforting, loving, and have a feeling of safety–all feelings so many crave from an ANR. You are a beautiful, loving soul. Thank you for bringing your delicious words to all of us who adore you so greatly. I wish you, always, the very best. xoxo

    1. I’m so grateful for this wonderful comment from you, AJ, thank you. I’m touched by your compliments, especially from a fellow blogger who does understand what it’s like to feel this kind of intimacy with your readers. I wish you the very best, too. xoxo

  4. Ru, so hoping you will post again soon. I’m picturing your nipples fully erect with a drop of nectar oozing out just waiting to be sucked. Please post again soon!

      1. Ru, your post was incredibly hot (Mardi Gras Musings). I’m picturing your beasts wet with saliva. I’m thinking there must be moisture accumulating somewhere else on your body? You get me so excited.

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