Dreams of Spring Sucklings

Ah, how extra bright and glorious the sun always seems when spring is near! My love of nature grows deeper and my desire to be naked and coupling under the winking stars becomes a not so distant and crazy fantasy again.

I envision a picnic in the park with my lover, cradling his head discreetly in my lap under the cover of a soft, light blanket. He cups and caresses my breasts through my low-cut sundress. He moans and sighs as he releases one of my plush, full breasts to press it gently against his face. He kisses my bare skin and licks his way to my pulsing nipple. I gasp and feel my pussy lips swell as he draws my tender teat deep into his mouth.

His suckling soothes and arouses us. Awakens and bonds us. Brings us back into the primal fold of the landscape and creatures around us, savoring the natural mating urges of beautiful, fertile spring.

Love & Suckles to You…


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Free the Nipple Documentary

I’m excited to see this documentary soon, which promotes making breast-baring fully legal.

Why can men show their nipples in public and women cannot?

Even in New York City, where it’s no longer illegal for women to go topless, women are STILL arrested if they walk around town showing their nipples.

Now I’m guessing most of my readers would be just fine and dandy with it being legal to show a woman’s nipple proudly anywhere, am I right? 🙂

See this documentary and support the cause!

Find the details at http://www.freethenipple.com/



Pausing Everywhere But Dreams

I recently moved from my big beautiful stream-side home in the country to a smaller abode in the city. There are a zillion more conveniences available to me now, but this morning as the truck gears grind and the street lights blaze I deeply miss the far-reaching landscape and natural tranquility of the home I left behind.

I’m back to having a roommate temporarily, after a handful of years of my-own-place solitude, which comes with both wonderful rewards and challenging days. No more breast pump privacy for now. No more walking around the house in teensy little bohemian outfits, like a fairy nymph with bra-less ease.

My life is truly blessed and I’m incredibly lucky, but I also feel like my forward motion is firmly on pause. My creative side feels stuck and stale. My maternal calling has been shushed. My future is a faint question mark while I try with all my might to stay in the present and let this stillness be my guide.

I know the Universe and all forces that influence it are purposely stopping my trajectory so I have time to take a breath, rethink, get rest, make new lists and start fresh from here. I appreciate the safety net more than I know how to say.

Yet my dreams still fly at breathtaking heights while my physical world has stopped and curled around itself like a cocoon.

I’m thinking back this morning to my huge chair at the window in the country where I watched the robins play in tall evergreens, while stroking my breasts in the half-light of the rising sun. I’m remembering sitting on a flat river stone mid-stream, hidden by bushes with bright red berries, and tugging my polka dot dress up over my head to meditate and pleasure myself and splash and feel the cool midsummer water dripping from my wet curls and glistening nipples.

Perhaps that was my true cocoon then and this new place, these new days are moving me toward the realization of dreams from sensual sources I wouldn’t have before ever thought to find here.

Maybe I will discover unique and empowering ways to become the milky goddess and mother and nurturer and writer and soulful-life-lived woman of my deepest desires.

Or maybe, just maybe I am already she in so many ways I haven’t yet learned to see and feel and be.

There are glorious new happenings and people that I celebrate. Without this pause and these changes I wouldn’t have these new insights, hopes and experiences.

And it’s true that day by day I think I was supposed to move from that country home chair to this new city lair and all that life will grant me here.

Yet this morning I must admit that I ache for private nakedness in streams and the limitlessness of a younger woman’s dreams.



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One Year & 200,000 Hits — Thank You!

So while I’m finishing up the new eBook releases, I just want to say a really big and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has been following this new 2.0 version of my blog. It’s been a year and — knock wood — the host hasn’t deleted me, as the former host did with my former blog! I call that success and I’m grateful that I’ve found a way to hopefully keep the readers coming back while also not getting too out of line that the powers-that-be get rid of me. 😉

I marvel at those over 200,000 hits to my blog that I see in the tracker. THANK YOU so much for reading and commenting and sharing my deep desire for suckling bonding, pleasure and sensual transcendence when mouth meets nipple.

Writing this blog has helped me find my community of like-minded breast-loving/sharing people who…well…really “get” me. To say it’s a tremendous gift connecting with you is a tremendous understatement.

Thank you for this past year and all that we continue to share from here!

Kisses & Suckles,


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Thank you Script

Dita Von Teese

I adore burlesque and the amazing, the sultry, the boldly vintage-styled and super sexy burlesque performer Dita Von Teese.

What did I discover recently about Dita Von Teese that my made my milky-breast loving heart go pitter pat?

Dita Von Teese has a line of nursing bras!! 

Could our beloved Mz. Teese have a milky nipple fetish, too?

As soon as my bank account refills to a more respectable level, I will be indulging in at least one of these sexy Von Follies Dita Von Teese nursing bras.

And, yes…..I will model it for you here on the blog. 😉

Can’t wait!!

Dita Von Teese Von Follies nursing bras are available from: 

Motherhood Maternity 

Destination Maternity

Here’s an article from Elle Magazine about why burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese decided to design nursing bras:


And HERE is the website for the indelible Dita herself:



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A Writing Day the Rumina Way

I’m working on more Adult Breastfeeding Erotica stories today and you know me, Dear Readers….this kind of sensuous writing always brings out the breast-centric goddess in me. 🙂

So as I type and imagine and fantasize and dream while I sip my spiced tea from a delicate china cup, my silky blouse is open and my bra-less thick nipples are standing very much at attention as I write this to you.

Do other writers slowly fondle their soft naked breasts between prose paragraphs?

Do other writers get inspiration from their own supple bodies while entranced by the sensations of their massaging fingers against their own dark pink nipple flesh?

I’d like to think so. In fact, thinking so is inspiring my erotica writing even more.

I adore self-loving and deliciously indulgent writing days like these!

XO to you…


Naked Woman Typing

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Coffee and (dreams of) Milk

It’s a lazy morning as I sip my sweet coffee slowly and daydream about feeling my non-existent breast milk let down for a wanting, hungry lover. It’s one of those days when I crave the art of lactation so badly it sends me right back to the breast pump to feel at least the sensations of the suckling tug of a milk-pulling machine. 

For those of my readers with sensitive nipples, you know how much our very responsive peaks are like heat-seeking missiles….or more accurately, suck-seeking missiles….and the breast pump is an adored contraption I damn near wish I could make love to for all the pleasure it gives in return. 

This morning once again experiencing the whir and hiss, tug and stretch of the breast pump suction is causing an incredibly arousing awakening in me. My nipples get so red, thick and swollen after ample time in these sucking shafts that I can’t help but stroke and squeeze them immediately after releasing my breasts from the pump. To feel a lover suckle me right after an intense breast pump session? Oh, what gasp-inducing heaven that would be! 

Anyone else out there enjoying the breast pump lately? Have recommendations of your favorite brand? 

It’s a perfect gift for the nipple-centric gal or couple, mark my words. 😉



(Photo Below: Medela Freestyle Pump available at http://www.medelabreastfeedingus.com/products/463/freestyle-breastpump ) 


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Sensuous September

September, with her gradually cooling temps and slowly changing landscape, brings on ever-increasing temptations to snuggle in together as Autumn arrives. I wish you all a very sensuous September, full of sexy snuggles and nurturing nuzzles with sweet breasts latched to suckling lips. 

I adore sweater weather and will certainly be showing off the same ample amount of cleavage this fall whenever I get the chance. There’s something extra enticing, I think, about seeing just a hint of bountiful breast flesh pressing up and just a wee bit over soft warm knits. Feeling a lover caressing my breasts through my favorite sweaters is one of the highlights of the colder seasons, so here’s hoping this Autumn season coming up brings me (and you!) the caresses and nipple kisses I crave, too. 

Thank you for all of your wonderful comments that make me feel so special! Know that I am thinking of you and appreciating your exquisite sensuality, too. 

Breast Wishes! 



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Autum Leaves Morgue File

Cherry Juice

I’ve been eating lots of cherries this summer and this morning pitted a fresh, plump dark cherry to rub all over my thick nipples. The soft, squishy cherry flesh inside the pit hole felt so wonderful as I gently squeezed this succulent little fruit to encase and massage my juicy tips. I wondered if this is what it feels like to slide a sensitive penis into a wet, juicy pussy.

I buried and encircled each nipple over and over until drip after red drip of sweet cherry juice slid down my breasts and belly and onto my naked thighs.

Then I ate the cherry and suckled my own dusky teats, licking them clean.

Cherry In Mouth Fashion Photo

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The Breast & The Brain

I find the science behind sensuality to be so fascinating, don’t you?

We women, especially those of us (like me) with intensely sensitive nipples, feel such a blissful chemical rush of pleasure from being suckled which stimulates our neuroanatomy — our nervous system — in such a significant, powerful way. The brilliance of these waves of oxytocin hormones from breast to brain not only gives us amazing pleasure, but bonds us to the pleasure source, too.

Lactating women can’t help but bond with their suckling lovers as much as their sucking babes. It’s a natural, beautiful function of the female body that makes us all the more…miraculous.

I mean, really….the female body is just sooooo magnificent, am I right? 🙂

We were designed to take great pleasure from breastfeeding and nipple stimulation. It is our gift and our birthright. It is one of the female body’s most precious primal experiences and pleases our brains just as much as it does our delicate, deliciously tender tips.



View some beautiful erotic breast photos of a lovely naked woman in a field of lavender here.

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